Quatuor n°1

I composed this piece for the Discorde String Quartet in 2016 planning to record it on Hopper's Tales double album. I decided to avoid obvious ways to draw the harmony, as reflected this rain effect of the first movement, which, by this cloud of sound, evolve throught the music and suggest whith a more subtle manner cadenzas following the cello theme.

You can listen this piece on the album Hopper's Tales by P4ctet & Quatuor Discorde (Label Puzzle/Inouïe Distributions)


Trompe L'Oeil

Trompe l'oeil was commissioned by the talented saxophone quartet Niobe. All four from Paris Conservatoire, they already have an impressive path and got several prizes in internationals contest around the world such as the well knowed Osaka International Chamber Music Competition.

For this particular piece, I wanted to create sonic illusions with rythm, pitch and harmony. Each movement is an example of this wish. Knowing that the four musicians of the quartet were used to improvisation and contemporary language, I wanted to keep a strong part for leting them express themselves freely and use a panel of different saxophone techniques.

The piece obtained a special mention at the final recital of the quatuor in Paris conservatoire in 2017.


What's New?

I arranged this beautiful standard by Bob Haggart for the JFC Big Band in Lille, in 2017. For this arrangement, I focus a lot on how create a new sound trying to modify the less possible the deep architecture of the song. I was looking of new way of suggesting harmony, inspired by the way the great Bob Brookmeyer and Gil Evans way of writing.