Wanderlust Orchestra :

Wanderlust is fourteen young musicians who met on the Parisian jazz scene, reunited by the singer and composer Ellinoa. Strings, woods, brass, strumming rhythm section, and a voice, wordless : it is not her who tells the story but the whole orchestra. From this impressive canvas emerge the unbridled improvisations of each instrument whose flight is supported by the power of the orchestra.

Each piece of "Wanderlust" is the setting to music of an untranslatable word of a different language. The music conjures moving images, sometimes graceful and poetic, sometimes explosive, but always sparkling, and leave each listener with the sensation of having made a great trip.

Wanderlust - EP (mai 2016)

Album à venir (Avril 2018)

Camille Durand : Voc/Comp. Sophie Rodriguez : Fl Balthazar Naturel : Eng Horn/Faggott Illyes Ferfera : Alto Sax Pierre Bernier : Ten Sax Paco Andreo : Valve Trb Adélie Carrage/Anne Darieu : Violin Hermine Péré-Lahaille : Alto Juliette Serrad : Cello Richard Poher : Piano Matthis Pascaud : Gtr Arthur Henn : Doublebass Gabriel Westphal : Drums

Gregory Sallet 5tet : -

Leaded by his encounters and muscal experiences who brought him recently to the Banff Jazz Workshop 2013 (artistic director Vijay Iyer), saxophone player Gregory Sallet composes an original repertoire based for the biggest part on the feeling of pulsation and the placement of the musical dialogue in a defined rythmical space.

Album Le mouvement crée la matière (Avril 2017)

Greg Sallet : Alto/Sop Sax Paco Andreo : Valve Trb Romain Baret : Gtr Michel Molines : Doublebass Guillaume Bertrand : Drums

Zoot Collectif :

ZOOT is a young french music collective sharing an incoditionnal love for jazz, as well as an particulary requirement for the music they claim. Born of the need to promote a commun vision, it presents various musical projects in the goals of creating a exploration dynamic, promote music, encourage exchange between members who, despite their young age, are already active musicians on the national scene.

Members of the collective wish to build a local scene in Paris, inspired by the effervescence of the New-York scene, which has a strong meaning for these young musicians who already lived and/or studied there. They organise regularly concerts and jam sessions in free places, accessible, open for everyone. Jazz shouldn't be restricted to an elite, it is a popular music and should stay a popular music.

Noé Codjia : Trp Thomas Gomez : Alto Sax Paco Andreo : Valve Trb Neil Saidi : Bar. Sax Clément Trimouille : Gtr Pablo Campos : Piano Clément Daldosso : Doublebass David Paycha : Drums

Album Zoot Suite vol.1 (Octobre 2017)